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The University of Minnesota Retirees Association (UMRA) is an independent organization, incorporated by the State of Minnesota in 1978. UMRA has about 500 members, including faculty, P&A, and civil service employees, all of whom retired from the University.

UMRA Mission

The mission of this association shall be to promote, protect, support and advocate for the interests, rights, needs and welfare of persons who retire from the University of Minnesota. More specifically, UMRA Goals are:

  • To help retirees successfully deal with the retirement process, both during their retirement year and into their retirement years.
  • To provide all retirees broad intellectual stimulation as well as social and recreational services;
  • To oversee and assist in the ongoing provision of benefits affecting the health and wellness of retirees;
  • To facilitate opportunities for voluntary service to the University and community;
  • To contribute to the development and welfare of the University and its mission and goals.

UMRA needs organizational volunteers to keep the retirees association growing and meeting its members’ needs. We are especially interested in involving those who have joined UMRA in recent years and may be able to offer new perspectives to established committees. Your ideas and your energy can contribute in many ways to the organization.

Volunteering for UMRA

UMRA is entirely volunteer-run. Through their involvement in its management and programs, members not only contribute to the organization’s success but also make new friendships, deepen old ones, and become more aware of the many opportunities UMRA offers.  Every kind of involvement is open to all UMRA members, whether former faculty, former staff, or spouses. Consider any of the following: 

  • The Board of Directors sets policy for UMRA. It normally meets eight times a year, immediately before the monthly luncheon. In addition to the organization’s officers, the Board’s membership [Directors] consists of twelve members elected to staggered three-year terms. If you are interested in standing for election to the Board, contact the chair of the Nominating Committee (who is always the UMRA Past President[Officers]) no later than February. 
  • Committees carry on much of the day-to-day work of UMRA. Committees [Committees] are appointed by the president, report to the Board, and work closely with the officers. Members interested in serving on a committee may contact the UMRA president or the relevant committee chair.
  •  Representatives and liaisons: These are UMRA members [Representatives] who represent UMRA to university units or committees relevant to retirees. If you are interested in a representative position, contact the UMRA president.
  •  Clubs and special interest groups: These are informal, self-governing groupings of UMRA members who share a common interest. Currently they consist of the Photo Club and the Book Club. Members interested in exploring possibilities for a new club or interest group should contact a member of the Executive Committee. 

Officers and Board of Directors

President:  Chip Peterson,, 651 699-4286
President-Elect: Jerry Rinehart,, 612-802-5627
Treasurer: Carl Adams,, 952 942-5005

Secretary: Judy Garrard,, 612-486-4850
Past President: Donna Peterson,, 612 386-2641 

Other Members of the Board of Directors
Steve Benson,
Vernon Cardwell,
Will Craig,
Cathy Lee Gierke,
Judy Leahy
Cherie Hamilton,
John Howe,
Kathleen O'Brien,
Claudia Parliament ,

UMRA Representatives and Liaisons:

Liaison to Board of Regents: John Adams,
Representative to (and member of) Senate Comm. on Faculty Affairs (SCFA): Terry Roe
Representative to (& member of) Senate Subcommittee on Retirement Plans: Jerry Rinehart,
Representatives to (& members of) Health Care Benefits Advisory Committee: Dale Swanson,, and Nancy Fulton
Representative to University Retirees Volunteer Center: Jerry Rinehart (as UMRA President-Elect),
Representative to Campus Club: Ben Zimmerman,
Representative to UM Alumni Association: Jeanne Markell,
Liaison to P&A Senate: Lynn Anderson <>
Representative to Civil Service Senate: Beth Bedell <>
Representative from University Retirees Volunteer Center: John Anderson,
Representatives from Provost’s Office:  Ole Gram., and Angie Pesch,

Other Key Positions:
Newsletter Content Coordinator: Ginny Hanson, 
Newsletter Production Editor, Sadie Brendalen,
Webmaster: Cathy Lee
Database Manager: Virgil Larson,
ListServ Manager/Communicator: John Anderson,