New Member: Joining UMRA

All retirees or soon-to-be-retired University of Minnesota employees and/or spouses or significant others, are eligible to join UMRA. You can read more about the benefits on this and other pages.

Retirees joining UMRA for the first time pay only $10 for a single or $15 for a couple membership. Annual dues thereafter are $25 for individual membership or $35 for a couple.

We encourage you to register and pay online: HERE.  We will ask you for your email address, and require you to set a password for your record.  Online access to your records always require a login using your email address and the password you set. WE cannot see your password but If you forget it you will be able to have it reset quickly and easily.

A paper registration form is still available from the chair of the Membership Committee, or you may download and print a pdf copy PDF iconumra_new_application.pdf

Current/Previous Member: Renew

UMRA memberships are annual, and expire on August 31.  We will remind you to renew via email or postal mail, this summer. A paper renewal form is still available from the chair of the Membership Committee, or you may download and print a pdf copy PDF iconumra_renewal_application.pdf

The UMRA member database is entirely online.  You may review and update your record any time, and we recommend you check it out before you renew. The email and password you set previously are fine, but if you don't remember your password you must set a new one.  To set a password, click HERE and enter your email address of record.  You will get a simple email message with a link that lets you choose and set a new password. (Remember, your record consists primarily of contact information, we keep no financial contact information.)

When you have your password, click HERE to log in.  You will see the “Dashboard” with several choices.  We recommend that you start with “Update Your Record.”  Inspect and make any corrections needed.  We hope you will add information requested that will aid in appreciating membership needs. (If you have difficulties with the member form, please do describe then in email to the Webmaster:

The final step in renewal is the “Renew Your Membership” option on the Dashboard. Please be sure you have made a choice in each option, and then Pay by Credit Card through PayPal (or from your existing PayPal account)  or Pay by mailing a check to UMRA.  

Special note about PayPal: The first PayPal page you see asks if you want to "Pay with PayPal."  Go to the bottom of that page and select "Pay with Debit or Credit Card."  The next page should offer you "PayPal Guest Checkout."  That's the right thing.  Fill out the form and select "Continue" at the bottom. You are finished and can see the results on the page and in an email sent to you.


The University of Minnesota Retirees Association (UMRA) is an independent organization, incorporated by the State of Minnesota in 1978. UMRA has about 500 members, including faculty, P&A, and civil service employees, all of whom retired from the University.

UMRA Mission

The mission of this association shall be to promote, protect, support and advocate for the interests, rights, needs and welfare of persons who retire from the University of Minnesota. More specifically, UMRA Goals are:

  • To help retirees successfully deal with the retirement process, both during their retirement year and into their retirement years.
  • To provide all retirees broad intellectual stimulation as well as social and recreational services;
  • To oversee and assist in the ongoing provision of benefits affecting the health and wellness of retirees;
  • To facilitate opportunities for voluntary service to the University and community;
  • To contribute to the development and welfare of the University and its mission and goals.

UMRA needs organizational volunteers to keep the retirees association growing and meeting its members’ needs. We are especially interested in involving those who have joined UMRA in recent years and may be able to offer new perspectives to established committees. Your ideas and your energy can contribute in many ways to the organization.

Volunteer to Help UMRA

Please consider serving on an UMRA committee. UMRA committees and their chairs currently (2016-2017) include:

If you are interested in learning more about the work of any of these committees, please contact the chairpersons listed.

As an organizational volunteer, you will not only serve fellow retirees, but you will also find that being involved is a great way to get to know others and make new friends.

Ancient UMRA History

Judith Howe ( was browsing the University Archives to get an understanding of what UMRA documents had been archived.  She noticed a document she thought might interst all of us.  The 22 page, typewritten (remember those?) pdf document is titled: "PDF iconumra_history_1976-1983_by_e_gerald.pdf." It is very interesting reading.  Read online or download a copy.

Officers and Board of Directors


President:  Donna Peterson,, 612 386-2641 
President-Elect: Chip Peterson,, 651 699-4286

Treasurer: Carl Adams,, 952 942-5005
Secretary: Sheri Goldsmith May,, 612-708-5785
Past President: Jean D. Kinsey,, 651-636-8636

Board of Directors

Shirley Barber,
Steve Benson,
Roger Clemence,
Martha Feda,
Judy Leahy Grimes,
Cherie Hamilton,
Jeanne Markell,
David Naumann,
Kathleen O'Brien,
Jerry Rinehart,
Gloria Williams,

Other Key Positions:

Newsletter Editor: Ginny Hanson,, assisted by Barbara Van Drasek,
Co-Webmasters: David Naumann,, & Cathy Lee Gierke,
Database Manager: Virgil Larson,
ListServ Manager/Communicator: John Anderson, 

UMRA Representatives:

Representative to Board of Regents: John Adams

Representative to (and member of) Senate Comm. of Faculty Affairs (SCFA): Ted Litman

Representative to (& member of) Senate Subcommittee on Retirement Plans: Jerry Rinehart

Representatives to (& members of) Health Care Benefits Advisory Committee: Dale Swanson and Ted Litman

Representative to University Retirees Volunteer Center: Chip Peterson (as UMRA President-Elect)

Representative to Campus Club: Kathy O’Brien

Representative to UM Alumni Association: Jeanne Markell

Representative to P&A Senate: Kay Thomas

Representative to Civil Service Senate: Nancy Fulton

Representative from University Retirees Volunteer Center: John Anderson