2021-02 From the President: University retirement plan update, and more

Retiree plan retirement tier. The Retirement Subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs, including Ken Larson, UMRA representative, is considering a retirement tier in the University’s retirement plan, adding both investment and planning tools and products. Deputy Chief Investment Officer Andrew Parks, CFA, has been invited to give a presentation to the UMRA Board at its January meeting. The Retirement Subcommittee will continue its deliberations at its February 2021 meeting.

Maroon and Gold Rising. A few former members of the Board of Regents have formed a new organization, Maroon and Gold Rising. They are active at the Minnesota Legislature on behalf of the University. There is interest in collaborating with UMRA. Regent Richard Beeson agreed to give a presentation regarding Maroon and Gold Rising at the UMRA Board meeting in January. A summary of that presentation will be reported in the next issue of this newsletter.

Honoraria for UMRA speakers. A person who was invited to speak at an UMRA event inquired about an honorarium for such participation. As a matter of policy, UMRA does not provide an honorarium for any speaker participation. 

Zoom update. UMRA is planning to continue using Zoom for its events well into 2021 and to purchase OIT technical support services when needed. Hence, the plea for a $20 voluntary donation per member via the UMRA website. The UMRA Zoom Team, organized by Virgil Larson, are preparing to phase in technical support by UMRA volunteers. More information will be forthcoming on this effort.

PDGR campaign. The donation site records current contributions of $6,045. The matching funds are still available. Please consider making a donation to support our Professional Development Grants for Retirees program at z.umn.edu/PDGR-2020-campaign.

Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation (CHAI). CHAI, a new center in the School of Public Health, is committed to the aging population and its well-being. It invites participation from across the University and beyond in its Education, Research, and Equity and Community Engagement services. Read “New center is committed to healthy aging” to learn more.

Reminder. UMRA events occur on the second (UMRA A.M.), third (Living Well Workshop), and fourth (UMRA Forum) Tuesdays of the month. The UMRA Executive Committee meets on the third Monday and the UMRA Board on the fourth Mondays of the month.

Stay safe and well and consider getting the COVID vaccine when it is offered to you.

—Frank Cerra, MD, UMRA president