About UMRA Cares Committee

The primary activity of the Cares Committee is sending condolence cards to the surviving next of kin of University retirees who have died and to University retirees who have lost a spouse/life partner. For
UMRA members who have died, the Committee also makes a small donation to the family’s charity of choice or the UMRA Professional Development Grants Program on behalf of the deceased. The
Committee also writes short obituaries about deceased UMRA members for the UMRA newsletter.

When they are made aware of a serious illness or accident suffered by an UMRA member, Committee members will send out sympathy cards or offer personal support. Needs for such services can be communicated by contacting a Committee member or leaving a message at the UMRA office phone, 612-626-4403.

Cares Committee Members, 2020-2021

Kathleen O'Brien (Chair) kobrien@umn.edu
Helen Carlson hcarlson@d.umn.edu
Nancy Helmich nanandy@q.com
Ron Anderson rea@umn.edu
Margaret Catamby m-cata@umn.edu

UMRA Cares

UMRA members continue to demonstrate their resourcefulness when it comes to coping with the coronavirus. Here is a sampling of the responses to our most recent informal survey. Read more >>

    Publication Date: Aug 18 2020