Travel Tours

The Travel Committee organizes travel tours to members that will be educational, provide an opportunity to meeting get to know other members and a chance to socialize.  There will be at least 2 tours a year, based on the results of the member trip survey.

The Committee has chosen to work with Road Scholar, a not-for-profit travel company, who will offer us private group tours that include the following in the cost: informative lectures; special "behind the scenes" experiences; all excursions; enrichment activities; cultural events and performances; all meals, except a few to allow exploration of local restaurants; a group leader throughout the program and handling of all logistics; 24 hour assistance for medical and other emergencies; and all gratuities and taxes.
We are currently working to plan a customized land and river trip to Portugal for the Fall of 2020.  The trip will include a 5 day cruise on the Douro River touring famous wineries and learning how Port is made.  Another 5 days will be spent visiting quaint Portuguese cities learning how Portugal became a country and how the various invasions of the Iberian Peninsula, beginning in 24 BC, influenced the customs, cuisine and culture of what is today Portugal.  As soon as the trip is confirmed, information will be sent to members.
Any UMRA wanting to suggest a tour can contact the committee chair or any of the members.  Your suggestions will be considered.
Cherie Hamilton, chair
Cecelia Boone
Nancy Fulton
William Garrard
Cynthia Gross
Deanne Magnusson
Beverly Moe
Robert Patterson
Mary Pattock