Monthly Forums and Workshops

UMRA's monthly programs typically include a speaker forum followed by a workshop. The schedule is below.  We're excited about the new meeting location in the West Wing Dining Room.  It is a spacious and sunny venue, providing an improved participant experience at UMRA’s monthly gatherings. Learn more about our meetings. 

Luncheon & Forum:  11:30 - 1:00 pm (except where noted)
Campus Club West Wing   Upcoming programs are online due to COVID-19

Living Well Workshop:  1:30 - 2:30 pm (except where noted)
Dale Shephard Room

2019 - 2020 Forum & Workshop schedule:

Recorded meetings are available in the left column of this page.

Sept. 24, 2019: 
Luncheon + Forum: 
Jack Zipes, PDGR grant recipient
Charles Godfrey Leland and his magical tales
Living Well Workshop: 
Educational opportunities for retirees at the University of Minnesota

Oct. 22, 2019:
Luncheon + Forum:
 Professor Doug Yee,
Director, University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center
Current developments in cancer research
Living Well Workshop:   (held in West Wing instead of Shepard room)
Note time change:  1:30 - 3:30 pm
U of M Office of Human Resources
Health Care Options for 2020

Nov. 19, 2019: 
Luncheon + Forum:
Joan T.A. Gabel, president
University of Minnesota
Living Well Workshop
Joseph E. Gaugler,
Robert L. Kane Endowed Chair in Long-Term Care and Aging
School of Public Health  
What Can We Do to Keep Our Brains Healthy?

December 17, 2019: 3:00 - 7:00pm in West Wing
Holiday Party
Buffet, Cash Bar, Short program
Student acapella choir "7Days"

Jan. 28, 2020:
Luncheon + Forum:  John Suzukida
VP of Global Marketing and Strategy for Trane Company 
Internment in American concentration camps during WW II
Living Well Workshop
Peggy B. Nelson,
Professor of Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Strategies for Dealing with Hearing Loss

Feb. 25, 2020:
Luncheon + Forum:  Tom Evers
executive director of the Minneapolis Parks Foundation
River First, Transforming the Mississippi River Front
Living Well Workshop
a panel discussion led by Ron Anderson
Finding the Best Long-Term Care Facility

March 24, 2020:       Cancelled -- Rescheduled: June16
Luncheon + Forum:
Jon Christensen PhD
Health economist SPH; Co-Chair Med PAC
Health Insurance
Living Well Workshop:

April 28, 2020:       Cancelled -- Rescheduled: July 21
Luncheon + Forum:
Chief Arradondo
Minneapolis Chief of Police
MPD Cultural Transformation
Living Well Workshop:

May 19, 2020, 12:00 noon   ONLINE
Myron Franz
Commissioner of Management and Budget
Fiscal Impact of the Pandemic

June 16,  12:00 noon   ONLINE
Jon Christianson, PhD
Health Economist
School of Public Health
Division of Health Policy Management
Medicare for all?, For some?, For none?

July 21,  12:00 noon   ONLINE
Medaria Arradondo
Chief of Police
Minneapolis Police Department
MPD Cultural Transformation

August 18,  12:00 noon   ONLINE
Rachel T. A. Croson
Executive Vice President and Provost
University of Minnesota

September 29, 2020:
Luncheon + Forum:
PDGR Grant Recipient
Josie Johnson
Hope in the Struggle: A Memoir
Living Well Workshop:

October 27, 2020:
Luncheon + Forum:
Drs. Katharine Nelson and Kathryn Cullen
Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Crisis in Youth Mental Illness
Living Well Workshop:

November 24, 2020:
Luncheon + Forum:
Kathryn Pearson, 
Associate Professor
Associate Department Chair
Department of Political Science
2020 Election Analysis
Living Well Workshop:

December 2020:

January 26, 2021
Luncheon + Forum:
Brad Holschuh
Wearable Technology Laboratory
Clothing-based Wearable Technology: Principles, Applications, and Challenges
Living Well Workshop:

See Forum and Workshop schedules for prior years

More about our meetings

UMRA Forums include a meal and require reservations.  Reservations for the next monthly Forum begins online the day following the monthly meeting (e.g., reservations for November opens the day after the October meeting).  There is no need to RSVP, or pay, to attend the Workshops, just come and enjoy.  All meetings are scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of the month over lunch (except November and May, which are on the third Tuesday).

Invited speakers from within and outside the University address a variety of scholarly, informative, and entertaining topics. These gatherings allow members to renew long-standing friendships with former colleagues, make new acquaintances, and strengthen a sense of connection with the University community. Reservations and a $23 fee to cover food expenses  (make reservations) are required. An optional coffee hour (no charge) begins at 10:30 on days of luncheon meetings.

Living Well Workshop: A workshop in conjunction with most of our luncheon meetings. Living Well Workshos are held in the Dale Shepherd Room, and are generally designed to be highly interactive. There is no fee for workshops, and you need not have attended the luncheon to participate. Sample recent workshop topics have included housing alternatives, financial planning, long-term care, photography, and caregiving.

Annual meeting: The final monthly meeting of the year, in May, is considered to be our annual gala social event, an expanded menu and an especially entertaining program. UMRA officers hold a brief business meeting, and the membership elects new association officers and board members to lead the next year’s activities. There is no May workshop.

Governance meetings: The Executive Committee and the Board meet most months during the academic year; other committees meet as needed.

Other: Clubs and special interest groups are informal, self-governing groupings of UMRA members who share a common interest. Our various groups can be found under Activities. Social events in addition to the luncheons are organized on an occasional basis and publicized through the newsletter or emails to the membership.