UMRA Leadership

Members of UMRA’S board are elected to three-year  terms and may serve two consecutive terms. All officers  serve one-year terms; the secretary and treasurer may  be reelected annually.


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President: Frank Cerra
President-Elect: Jan Morlock
Past President:  Bill Donohue
Treasurer: Greg Hestness
Secretary: Gary Engstrand

Vernon Cardwell
Will Craig
Cathy Lee Gierke
Eric Hockert
Cherie Hamilton
Claudia Parliament
KaiMay Terry
Gloria Williams
Ron Matross
Barb Shiels
Jan McCulloch
Cathrine Wambach
Jerry Rinehart
Chip Peterson
Donna Peterson

UMRA Representatives and Liaisons:

Liaison to Board of Regents:  Jerry Rinehart
Representative to (and member of) Senate Comm. on Faculty Affairs (SCFA): Terry Roe
Representative to (& member of) Senate Subcommittee on Retirement Plans: Ken Larson
Representatives to (& members of) Health Care Benefits Advisory Committee: Nancy Fulton, Dale Swanson
Representative to University Retirees Volunteer Center:  Eric Hockert
Representative to Campus Club:  Mary Ford
Liaison to UM Alumni Association: Will Craig
Liaison to P&A Senate: Will Craig
Representative to Civil Service Senate: Bev Moe

Representative from University Retirees Volunteer Center: John Anderson
Representatives from Provost’s Office:  Ole Gram, Deb Cran

Other Key Positions:

Newsletter Editor: Kris Mortensen
Newsletter Production Editor: Sadie Brendalen
Newsletter Contributing Editors: Kathy Cramer, Ginny Hanson, Julie Medbery

Webmaster: Cathy Lee Gierke
Database Manager: Virgil Larson
ListServ Manager/Communicator: John Anderson