• Executive (consists of the elected officers): Develops Board agendas, coordinates work of committees, serves as short- and long-range planning committee.
  • Program: Arranges for luncheon speakers and workshops.
  • Membership: Recruits new members and manages membership database.
  • Communications and Outreach:  Oversees communications media and manages public outreach.
  • Luncheon/Reception: Handles logistics of monthly association meetings, including menus, name tags, fee collection, etc.
  • Grants: Oversees annual development grants for retirees, including publicity and selection.
  • Nominating: Proposes slate of officer and Board candidates to the membership.
  • JOIE: Manages online journal for retirees (and others) to publish articles and creative work that does not fit easily into conventional academic journals.
  • UMRA History: Compiles and organizes material for an annual UMRA contribution to the University Archives.
  • UMRA Cares: Provides support to spouses/partners and families grieving a death or coping with hospitalization or disability.
  • Council of Past Presidents: Advises President and Board upon request. In 2017–18 it will focus on defining/negotiating UMRA’s relationship with the university pursuant to the MOU signed in spring 2017.

Please consider serving on an UMRA committee. If you are interested in learning more about the work of any of these committees, please contact the chairpersons listed. As an organizational volunteer, you will not only serve fellow retirees, but you will also find that being involved is a great way to get to know others and make new friends.

Program Committee (2018-19)

  • President: Jerry Rinehart
  • President-Elect & Chair: William Donohue,
  • Immediate Past President: Chip Peterson
  • John Adams
  • Lynn Anderson
  • Suzanne Bardouche
  • Eric Hockert
  • Cares Committee Representative: Ron Matross
  • Marjorie Savage

The program committee plans and schedules events and speakers. Each of the monthly meetings: September, October, and November plus January through May, features a speaker or other presentation.  Meals may be noon luncheons, or afternoon buffets. The program committee welcomes suggestions – and feedback – by phone or email to any of its members. In addition to monthly meetings, the program committee may schedule other events of special interest to UMRA members. For example, the September, 2016,  Luncheon featured Kris Kiesling, director of the Elmer L. Andersen Archives and Special Collections  of the Library, and a tour of the Archives, including a chartered bus to and from the West Bank archives.


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Membership Committee

An active membership committee has worked from year to year welcoming new retirees into UMRA membership. In 2008 the board charged the Membership Committee with the tasks of improving communication with new retirees as well as reviewing services and benefits for members. The chair of this committee is John Anderson.

The Membership Committee is actively developing new activities and benefits for UMRA members and prospective members. Should you have suggestions in this regard, please contact the chair or any of the members with your ideas.

Social Activities Committee

To identify activities for members beyond the monthly luncheons/workshops and involvement in UMRA governance. Examples might include organizing an UMRA contingent to participate in events offered by another organization; developing new kinds of UMRA events; and stimulating the formation of additional clubs and special interest groups within UMRA.  

Committees & Chairs

  • Program: Frank Cerra
  • Workshop Subcommittee: Ron Matross
  • Membership: John Anderson,
  • Communications and Outreach, Jean Kinsey
  • Luncheon: Mary Ford;  Ben Zimmerman
  • Professional Grants Program: John Bantle, MD
  • Journal of Opinions, Ideas, and Essays (JOIE), Editor & Chair: TBD
  • UMRA History: Gloria Williams
  • Social Activities Committee: Cherie Hamilton
  • Travel Tours Committee:  Cherie Hamilton
  • UMRA Cares: Ron Matross