Geospatial UMRA Membership Mapping

Geospatial mapping of UMRA membership

UMRA had 646 members in December 2017.  With help from U-Spatial we mapped the location of those members across the Twin Cities, where most of our members live. People may find this useful for setting up car pools.  Using the Member Search you can find other members by city, state and zip.  View the enlarged Map.

We learned that members are clustered near the two Twin Cities campus areas—University Grove in St. Paul and Prospect Park in Minneapolis. They are found elsewhere in those cities too—Highland Park in S.t Paul and the Chain of Lakes in Minneapolis. About 46 percent live in 554xx (Minneapolis and inner suburbs) and about 40 percent of our members live in zip code 551xx (St. Paul and inner suburbs). Another 12 percent live in the greater Twin Cities in zip codes 550xx and 553xx or across the Minnesota border in Hudson, Wisconsin.

The rest live beyond normal commuting distances. Besides members in Greater Minnesota, we have 26 members scattered across 13 states not counting western Wisconsin. The UMRA mailing list shows us living in all four corners of the U.S. and places in between. We are in Boston, San Diego, Portland, and Estero Florida on the Gulf Coast. We hope these more distant folks are able to get to at least one meeting per year, but we are happy for their membership and for wanting to stay in touch.

— Will Craig, UMRA Board member

Sunday, January 14, 2018 - 6:45pm
Publication date: 
January 30, 2018