Volunteers' Corner

The University Retirees Volunteer Center (URVC) has as its dual purpose (1) identification of projects that can utilize volunteers to facilitate the accomplishment of each project’s mission and (2) connecting volunteers with those projects.   Although simple in concept the mechanisms for accomplishing these purposes are varied.

Identifying suitable projects requires careful review of proposals with special consideration to capabilities required, location of the volunteer event as well as a sense of the capabilities represented in the URVC pool of volunteers.  This task is done by URVC staff (who are themselves all volunteers) although anyone may suggest a suitable project.  

Once a project is selected it may be advertised in several ways.  If a specific capability is needed, the URVC maintains lists of potential volunteers who have expressed interest in projects that require said capability.  They may be contacted by e-mail or by a personal telephone call.  A project may also be advertised by a posting on this web site and/or the description of the project and invitation to volunteer may be distributed to the UMRA member listserv.

Those who desire to volunteer for a particular project are requested to contact the URVC office either by e-mail (urvc@umn.edu) or by telephone (612-625-8016) at which time details of the volunteer-project interaction are defined (location, specific times, contacts, occasional unique responsibilities, etc.).

URVC is an organizational unit separate from UMRA, although its origin was as a subgroup of UMRA.  About twenty percent of current URVC volunteers are also members of UMRA.   The purpose of this post is to inform all UMRA members of volunteer opportunities that are available through URVC.  More detailed information about URVC can be obtained from the URVC website at  urvc.umn.edu.

Volunteering News

Volunteers who assist in STEM events enjoy the achievements of the student participants every bit as much as the kids themselves.

    Publication Date: Apr 30 2019


The new volunteer management system Better Impact is now fully operational on the URVC website.

    Publication Date: Apr 30 2019


Both the new Bell Museum and the Festival of Nations, the longest-running multicultural festival in the Midwest, are accepting applications for volunteers.

    Publication Date: Apr 1 2019


The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis nurtures enthusiasm for science with a special emphasis on electricity and medicine.

    Publication Date: Mar 4 2019


You could change a life—for the better. Consider contributing your skills by volunteering for one or more of these opportunities

    Publication Date: Jan 31 2019


The University Retiree Volunteers Center will soon be offering a better way to explore opportunities and manage your volunteer activities.

    Publication Date: Dec 28 2018


Join the team to help seniors, low-income, disabled and otherwise disadvantaged taxpayers at metro-area sites prepare 2019 Tax returns.  Substantial training will be available and the volunteer effort continues through the 2019 tax season.

    Publication Date: Nov 21 2018


Assist 7th and 8th grade students on developing solid study skills in core subjects including English, Science, Math and Social Studies.

    Publication Date: Nov 15 2018


Volunteer to assist with providing intensive academic support in a caring environment that builds self-esteem and confidence for at-risk youth.

    Publication Date: Nov 15 2018


Make a difference with one hour a week …from your own home!

Reader/Writer is a high impact, low effort literacy initiative that pairs public school adolescents with writing-proficient adult volunteers. Each volunteer serves as a real life audience and writing coach for one or two metro area public middle or high school students in a writing exchange conducted through the mail. This process builds writing fluency and resilience for teens.

    Publication Date: Nov 15 2018


The International Institute of Minnesota is looking for empathetic, patient, motivated people to assist in piloting a new Volunteer Navigator program. These Navigators will be part-guidance counselor, part-coach, part-cheerleader, and part-mentor for students. If you are eager to use your communication skills and your creative problem-solving to help our adult English language learners reach their career, educational and personal goals, this opportunity could be for you.

    Publication Date: Nov 15 2018


The University Retirees Volunteer Center (URVC) is fielding volunteers to participate in a spatial localization study and to staff the 2018–19 Lego Robotics Tournament.

    Publication Date: Oct 29 2018