Volunteers' Corner

The University Retirees Volunteer Center (URVC) has two purposes (1) identifying projects that can need volunteers and (2) connecting volunteers with those projects.  

Identifying suitable projects requires careful review of proposals with special consideration to skills required, location of the volunteer event as well as a sense of the capabilities represented in the URVC pool of volunteers.  This task is done by URVC’s volunteer staff and supported by Better Impact, a web-based volunteer management system.

Once selected a project may be advertised in several ways.  When a project requires a special capability, the URVC makes use of it list of potential volunteers who have expressed interest in that capability.  They may be contacted by e-mail or by a personal telephone call.  A project may also be advertised by a posting on this web site and/or by an email with the description of the project and invitation to volunteer distributed to the UMRA-Member listserv.  Many volunteer opportunities are available through URVC.  A complete listing of projects is posted in Better Impact.

How to Find Out About Volunteer Opportunities through Better Impact

If you have NOT previously volunteered with the URVC, go to the Application Form page by clicking on this link where you'll be able to enter a username and password of your own choosing.  Once approved by the URVC office you'll receive an email confirmation notifying you of acceptance.  You'll then be able to login at MyVolunteerPage.com (click here), see the volunteer opportunities and sign up for any of them online.

If you have been a volunteer with the URVC in the past three years and know your user name and password you can connect directly with the Better Impact volunteer management system through http://MyVolunteerPage.com.

For URVC to send you information about volunteer projects that are most likely to appeal to you it is very important that you provide through Better Impact

  1. Contact Information:  how you may be contacted (email and/or telephone)
  2. Interests – Ways to Get Involved:  respond to a list of interest categories by checking which ones are of special interest to you.  Your responses will influence which projects will be referred to you.

URVC is an organizational unit separate from UMRA, although its origin was as a subgroup of UMRA.  About quarter of current URVC volunteers are also members of UMRA.

Volunteering News

For the past five years, Jeanne Markell, pictured here with her husband, Michael, has had the rewarding experience of volunteering through the U of M’s 1Health Community Teacher Program.

    Publication Date: Apr 26 2020


The University Retirees Volunteer Center would like to offer a testimonial on the benefits of volunteering, to both recipients and volunteers.

    Publication Date: Mar 26 2020


If you are seeking an opportunity to give back by volunteering, here are three possibilities currently available through the University Retirees Volunteer Center.

    Publication Date: Feb 27 2020


The University Retiree Volunteer Center’s new volunteer management system makes it easy to connect University retirees with opportunities for volunteering.

    Publication Date: Jan 30 2020


Four leaders of the University Retirees Volunteer Center were honored with awards at the Fall 2019 Volunteer Reception held in October.

    Publication Date: Oct 29 2019


UMRA and URVC cooperate in promoting volunteerism by retirees.

    Publication Date: Aug 19 2019


UMRA members volunteer to serve a wide variety of University departments and community organizations. 

    Publication Date: Aug 19 2019


The new volunteer management system Better Impact is now fully operational on the URVC website.

    Publication Date: Apr 30 2019


Volunteers who assist in STEM events enjoy the achievements of the student participants every bit as much as the kids themselves.

    Publication Date: Apr 30 2019


Both the new Bell Museum and the Festival of Nations, the longest-running multicultural festival in the Midwest, are accepting applications for volunteers.

    Publication Date: Apr 1 2019


The new website will serve as the front door to an online volunteer management system powered by Better Impact.

    Publication Date: Apr 1 2019


The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis nurtures enthusiasm for science with a special emphasis on electricity and medicine.

    Publication Date: Mar 4 2019