Our members share their professional and personal interests as they contribute to the broader community.

     ♦  Volunteering,
     ♦  Offering caring outreach to members facing serious illness or other
         life crisis,
     ♦  Providing Professional Development Grants for Retirees

University Retirees Volunteer Center (URVC)

The University Retirees Volunteer Center (URVC) has two purposes (1) identifying projects that can need volunteers and (2) connecting volunteers with those projects.  

Identifying suitable projects requires careful review of proposals with special consideration to skills required, location of the volunteer event as well as a sense of the capabilities represented in the URVC pool of volunteers.  This task is done by URVC’s volunteer staff and supported by Better Impact, a web-based volunteer management system.

Once selected a project may be advertised in several ways.  When a project requires a special capability, the URVC makes use of it list of potential volunteers who have expressed interest in that capability.  They may be contacted by e-mail or by a personal telephone call.  A project may also be advertised by a posting on this web site and/or by an email with the description of the... More...

About UMRA Cares Committee


The Cares Committee provides resources to help members take care of themselves and each other.  Our activities include:

Personal Support.  We are here to assist and support members who are facing serious illness, experiencing the death of a loved one, or dealing with any sort of life crisis.  We know first-hand how important it is to have support in times of stress or loss. If you or someone you know needs to talk to someone, please feel free to reach out to one of the Committee members or leave a message at the UMRA office phone, 612-626-4403.  We will do our best to provide support and connect you with others who can help.

One of those connections is with Wilder Healthy Aging and Caregiving Services, which offers caregiving services, wellness classes, adult day health programs, assisted living services, and... More...

The Journal of Opinions, Ideas and Essays (JOIE)

In front of Northrop

The Journal of Opinions, Ideas, & Essays (JOIE) is a new, open access, electronic journal sponsored by the University of Minnesota Retirees Association (UMRA). JOIE is supported by the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing system. Its purpose is to provide a digital venue for a wide variety of articles submitted by retired or active faculty, staff and civil service colleagues from the Twin Cities and Coordinate Campuses of the University. Articles may be intended for a broad, general audience or for a more specialized readership. Examples might be biographical, historical, or literary essays; matters of curricular interest; comments on University issues or issues in higher education; pedagogical essays; short stories or poetry; book reviews; speculative... More...

Professional Development Grants for Retirees

Jan Hogan talks about the Professional Development Research Grant -- the PDRG
We are still driven to discover.

The Professional Development Grants for Retirees Program (PDGR), working with the Office for the Vice President for Research (OVPR), makes grants of up to $5,000 available to UMN retirees for professional development or research. This UMRA committee of retirees, reviews and recommends applications for Professional Development Grants for Retirees to help retirees pursue projects related to their scholarship.

All University of Minnesota retirees from the Twin Cities and Coordinate Campuses who are eligible for University retirement benefits and who will be fully retired by July 1, 2021 may apply for the grants (for any amount up to $5,000)

Allowed expenses include travel and per diem costs related to research trips and conference attendance, stipends for undergraduate and/or graduate research assistants, photocopying, the purchase of books, computer, software, and other relevant costs... More...