Initiate a new UMRA group

This is for members of the University of Minnesota Retirees Association who would like to propose a new activity or interest group that can be promoted in UMRA's newsletter, website, or other communication channels. When completed, don't forget to hit the "Submit" button at the end of the form. Your proposal will be considered by the Executive Committee. For questions, please contact the current Program Committee Chair (see Leadership page).

Resources available to new groups, and expectations are outlined here.

Include the name(s) and phone number(s) of any other leader(s) of this activity or interest group.
Intended Duration
Is this a one time event, or will it recur several times? Or is it intended to continue indefinitley, as an onging group or activity in UMRA?
If there are any potential personal conflicts of interest for you or other parties involved, please describe here:
Ongoing groups only
Groups that will be ongoing can work with the webmaster to build a page for their group from the UMRA group template.
Financial Support
Do you anticipate requesting any financial contribution from UMRA? UMRA groups are not supported financially.
Tell us about the activities your group will pursue, and purpose if applicable.