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All currently retired or soon-to-be-retired University of Minnesota employees and their spouses or significant others are eligible to join UMRA.


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Retirees who join UMRA for the first time get a free initial membership. Memberships for those who join after June 30 will expire on June 30 of the following calendar year. Memberships for those who join before June 30 will expire on June 30 of the following calendar year.  Annual dues thereafter are $30 for individual membership or $40 for a couple. As a member you will receive notices about interesting events and volunteering opportunities. See Member Benefits for more info.

Join Us! Fill in our registration form to create your profile online. The account you create will allow you to make reservations for programs, pay membership dues when you renew, search our database of other members and elect to receive the UMRA newsletter. You can update your account information at any time.

Please also fill in information about your longest, or most recent UMN position, as it helps us know our members. 

Join online, it's fast and easy.

Paper alternative—If you prefer to submit a hardcopy application, download and print the pdf registration form at Join Form for New Members, and submit it by mail. (Note: this can take over a month to process.)

UMRA Membership  
McNamara Alumni Center, Suite 250  
200 Oak Street S.E.  
Minneapolis, MN  55455-2002

Current and Previous Members

UMRA memberships are annual and expire on June 30 of the year after you renew. You will be asked to review your profile when you renew membership.

Forgot your password? Reset your password—just enter your email address of record and submit. You will get a simple email message with a link that lets you choose and set a new password.

Time to Renew? Start by logging in and making any needed updates or corrections to your information. 

At the end of the form, click on “Save Changes & Renew.” Choose your membership type and, optionally, pre-register and pay for upcoming programs you plan to attend. Click the “Pay by Credit Card.” You may also pay by mailing a check to UMRA (address above), but electronic payments are preferred. Processing paper checks can take over a month. 

If you have any difficulties with the member form, please describe them in an email to the webmaster: [email protected].

*Note: When you select to pay by credit card you are taken to a Stripe payment page.

  1. Fill in your credit card information.
  2. Click the PAY button.
  3. You will be taken to a confirmation page showing your payment amount and any luncheon date you registered for.
  4. You will also receive an immediate email confirmation.