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Actions UMRA has taken on your behalf:

Professional Development Grants Program—The Office of the Vice President for Research and the University of Minnesota Retirees Association (UMRA) jointly created a grants program in 2007. These grants are awarded annually to support faculty, P&A and civil service retirees wishing to pursue projects related to their research, instructional, or other work history. Details of the programs and awards made are given on this website's grant's page.

Faculty Retirees’ Bill of Rights—UMRA led negotiations resulting in a statement of faculty rights and privileges. The document The Rights and Privileges of University Emeriti (Word doc) summarizes the rights and privileges that are guaranteed to retired faculty by the Resolution passed by the University Senate in 1998.

Keeping in touch with University actions

  • UMRA tracks discussions of, and seeks improvements in, health insurance coverage for retirees.
  • Designated UMRA board liaisons report monthly on the activities of the Board of Regents, the Alumni Association, the Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs, the Benefits Advisory Committee, the University Retiree Volunteer Center (URVC), and the Campus Club.

University E-mail Accounts—In 2005, UMRA clarified a University policy that e-mail accounts were to be continued for all retirees, and the association ensured that this privilege would be communicated to all retirees and providers. If you believe you are qualified as a retiree but do not have a University e-mail account, please notify UMRA at umra@umn.edu.

University/National Car Rental Contract—All retired University faculty and staff can continue to take advantage of the University's National Car Rental discount contract for business and personal travel, whether in the United States or abroad. Conversations between UMRA and the University Purchasing Services Department confirm that all faculty, P&A, and civil service employees who have retired from the University are eligible for this rental discount program. The amount of the discount varies with location and type of service, but the amount of savings often is substantial. If you are not already utilizing this discount, contact your former department or office for the relevant information, including the contract number.

In the 1980s, UMRA members envisioned, helped to plan, and oversaw the construction of 1666 Coffman, an independent condominium near the St. Paul campus. Direct inquires to coffman@umn.edu.

Your comments and advice regarding these and other issues are most welcome. Send any comments to umra@umn.edu, contact one of the UMRA officers, or use the Contact Us page.


Grants to help retirees pursuing projects related to their scholarship has been announced by the Office of the Vice President for Research, Office of the Provost, and University of Minnesota Retirees Association.  All faculty members, professional and administrative, and civil service retirees from the Twin Cities and Coordinate Campuses of the University are eligible to apply for the grants (up to $5,000).  The guidelines for applying for grants are available at 2016-17guidelines. The deadline for applications is December 16, 2016.  

Publication date:
Sep 26 2016

Judy Howe (j-howe2@umn.edu) was browsing the University Archives to get a better understanding of what UMRA documents had been archived.  She noticed a document she thought might interest all of us.  The 23 page, typewritten (remember those?) document is titled: "PDF iconumra_history_1976-1983_by_e_gerald.pdf." It is very interesting reading.  Read online or download a copy.

Publication date:
Aug 30 2016

The recent survey of UMRA members found several comments about problems in transportation: members not involved with UMRA due to an inability to drive due to medical issues, age, metro traffic congestion, etc. Our intrepid community researchers quickly found 12 transportation options for senior non-drivers, and we would like to hear if you have had experience (positive or negative) with such services.

Publication date:
Aug 29 2016

For the past year or so, the UMRA Cares committee has taken responsibility for the “Bookshelf” column which printed recommendations from UMRA members on interesting reading.  If you found a book that you want to recommend to others, please take a moment and share your discoveries with us.

Publication date:
Aug 29 2016

UMRA is a co-sponsor with the University of Minnesota Libraries of the Journal of Opinions, Ideas and Essays (JOIE), the online journal that publishes a wide range of topics by authors from the University family of faculty, professional administrators, and retirees. Consider JOIE as an outlet for a pet project you have been thinking of publishing. 

Publication date:
Aug 29 2016

Did you know that UMRA members can also join the Campus Club and take advantage of the Club’s beautiful spaces, convenient location, great food, and social events? The Club tries to make it feasible for retirees to join. Retirees are an important part of the University community, and the partnership between the Club and UMRA is a longstanding tradition. I am always delighted to see the UMRA group at the Campus Club for monthly meetings and lunches. 

Publication date:
Aug 29 2016

As U retirees we have much to offer...are you holding it in reserve for just the right opportunity? Can this be it?  The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will be greeting 1,800 new international students, undergrad and graduate, to the University in September. You have likely received Vice President Meredith McQuaid’s statement about the services the University provides to these students, and scholars who will visit the University during the year.  We need more facilitators for these projects. Contact URVC at urvc@umn.edu to explore your interests.

Publication date:
Aug 29 2016

Thousands of U of M parking discount coupons have been distributed to UMRA members and successfully used over the past five years. However, from time to time, a number of us have encountered instances in which the coupons failed to work at the check-out stations. Such failures are likely due to deactivation of the magnetic strip by exposure to a magnet, perhaps on a purse closure or a cell phone speaker.  To maintain the effectiveness of your discount coupons, please guard them from magnets of all kinds. 

Publication date:
Aug 29 2016


Event Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 1:30pm

At the close of UMRA’s luncheon meeting, September 27, UMRA members will be treated to a unique tour of some special archival collections as well as the storage caverns at the Andersen Library.

Sign up for tour when you make your luncheon reservations, and, if you want a ride to the Andersen Library, please indicate that so we can save you a seat on the chartered bus. Please let us know so we can give the tour staff at Archives a count to plan for. 

Event Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 11:30am

We kick off our program year with a real treat for all for whom preserving research and history is paramount—or just plain interesting. Let me introduce Kris Kiesling, director of the Elmer L. Andersen Archives and Special Collections, who will be speaking at our luncheon about the experience of curating the many collections in the University archives. After the luncheon she will lead UMRA members on a tour at the Andersen Library to see not only some of the collections, but also the famous caverns created to store a vast variety of materials.

—Kathleen O’Brien, Program Committee