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    From the President

    Higher education institutions across the country have retiree organizations. We generally find a convergence in mission but many differences in organization and programs. It's fun and instructive to compare notes with the other associations.

    Flower detail
    Photo: Cathy Lee Gierke, UMRA webmaster

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    Members of the UMRA Hiking Club crossed the mighty Mississippi on their mid-July 2022 hike through the Twin Cities. Photo: Julie Sweitzer

  • Photo Club is on Shutterfly

    The UMRA Photo Club meets monthly and welomes photographers of all abilities. Visit the club's Shutterfly page to see recent "theme" and personal "choice" photos shared by members of the group.


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    Photo: Art Klassen

♦   No Forum or Living Well Workshop in December    ♦

December News


mission:  Connect, Learn, serve


November 27, 2022 - 12:15am

After a year of planning and site development work by the members of the UMRA web migration team, we will launch a new UMRA website in December.  You'll still find all the content you've come to rely on as well as an annual calendar with recordings from past events, and article filters.

Winter Programming Changes

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Stay at home and watch the UMRA Forums.  No driving in snow!  No slogging through slush! 

UMRA programming, both Forums and Living Well Workshops, will be held by Zoom in January and February.  There was significant interest in Zooming through the winter -- we hope this helps!  Even our snowbirds can attend!

Forums will be in person again beginning in March.  Living Well Workshops will continue to be held by Zoom.