Leadership & Structure

Members of UMRA’s board are elected to three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. All officers serve one-year terms; the secretary and treasurer may be re-elected annually.

Board of Directors: Contact any officer or log in to the Member Portal for a full list of officers' contact information. 

Past President:
Ron Matross
Eric Hockert
Jan Morlock
Frank Cerra
Kristy Greip
Julie Sweitzer

John Bantle
Will Craig
Cathy Lee Gierke
Cherie Hamilton
Laurie Koch
Russell Luepker

Kate Maple
Jan McCulloch
Jerry Rinehart
Barb Shiels
KaiMay Terry
Cathrine Wambach
Diane Young





UMRA is a 501(c)(4) operated exclusively to promote social welfare not for profit.