Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays

The Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays (JOIE) is an open access, online journal sponsored by UMRA. The journal provides a digital venue for a wide variety of articles submitted by retired or active faculty, staff and alumni from the Twin Cities and coordinate campuses of the University. The articles are intended for a broad, general audience.

JOIE Online

Please visit the JOIE website to enjoy the articles or to submit one of your own. Examples include biographical, historical, or literary essays; matters of curricular interest; comments on University issues; pedagogical essays; short stories or poetry; book reviews; speculative scientific hypotheses or essays.

As an electronic journal, JOIE can accommodate graphics and illustrations and is well-suited for photographic essays or other artistic presentations. Recent additions to the journal include a brief, fun read on Master Gardeners (a University Extension program) and the surprisingly convoluted pathway to an inscription for Northrop in The Northrop Auditorium Inscription (It was harder than you think.).  JOIE publications have persistent URLs through the University Digital Conservancy and are accessible on the internet using search engines such as Google.

Submitting to JOIE

There is no due date for submissions to JOIE and articles are published as soon as they are reviewed and approved by a committee of volunteer editors. There are no set formatting rules or length restrictions. All high-quality contributions are welcome. Editor-in-chief Kristine Bettin will assist authors in fine-tuning a paper for publication in the journal. Also, please contact Kris with any questions or suggestions on ideas or content.

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You’re invited to share your stories of retirement

The open-access Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays, sponsored by UMRA, invites you to share some of your retirement experiences for an anthology to be published later this year. 


Northrop Field gates, c. 1906

History of intercollegiate sports at the University

The newest article published by UMRA’s online, open-access Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays is a convoluted story with a dash of drama.