Changes to internet identity

The University’s plans to remove retirees from the internet identity domain appear to be unchanged. The cited rationale is cost and risk. UMRA has advocated for ensuring continued access to this identity (including email, Google Workspace, and associated services), citing University retirees’ enduring contributions to and engagement with the University.  Thus far, our communications with current University leadership have not prompted any change of plans. 

The questions about this transition, occurring December 7, 2024, continue to arise. Three frequent questions include:

Emeritus faculty: Emeritus faculty will retain access to University identity and services. Faculty should check with their home unit’s human resource office to ensure that they have been accurately recorded as emeritus in the University’s human resources system (see Conferring the Title of Faculty Emeritus). Responsibility for conferring this status and recording it in the HR system lies with your home unit. It is not automatic. 

Transitioning data: UMRA recently held a webinar about migrating your email and other data to a new service (either the option offered by the University or another service). This session was recorded and can be viewed via the UMRA portal (after login, the link to the webinar is on the lower right). Note, if you have already changed your email address you will need to “Change Login Email” on the UMRA portal.

Exceptions to the proposed plan: Individuals who believe they require continued access to an identity and associated services due to their contributions to the University can request a Person of Interest account through their home department. Note, this is an annually renewable account.

Learn what to expect and how to prepare in the Leaving the University self-help guide.

If you have questions that remain unanswered, contact the Office of Information Technology at [email protected].

—Eric Hockert, UMRA president



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