Cyber tips & tricks—UMRA member portal

Tips and Tricks

The UMRA Member Portal, also called our member database, is where you make reservations for upcoming events, and renew your membership. Beyond those functions, the portal has additional resources that you may find helpful.

The Member Portal

The links to various functions in the Member Portal are conveniently located on the UMRA main menu at the far right. You will be asked to log in and forwarded to your requested function. (More on logging in later.)

Member portal example

Anytime you are logged in to the Member Portal, from any page, you can go to the Dashboard by clicking on the dashboard icon at the top of the page (see image below). There you will see buttons to all the portal options, and can navigate to other portal functions.

Dashboard example
For members example
Directory link example

View UMRA member directory

UMRA members have access to a full member directory PDF. Click on Member Portal → Member Directory will send you to the login page, and then directly to the directory PDF. The directory lists all current member names, contact info, retirement date, and more.

In the far lower right corner of the dashboard you will also find another link to the member directory PDF (see image above).

Search for members

You can search our member database! Perhaps you are looking for other members who live near you in order to carpool to meetings, or you may be hoping to connect with an old friend.  Clicking on Member Portal → Member Search will take you to a form where you can search for (active) members by name, department, email, city, or other info. Results returned include name, contact info, position and department, and more.

Making reservations for UMRA Forums

You've likely used the online reservation form to sign up for Forums or summer socials. On the UMRA home page, simply click on the Reservation button shown on the Forum announcement. Alternatively, you can make reservations by clicking on Member Portal → Forum Reservations. Lately there have been some changes to the reservation function, so here are just a few key points to notice next time you are on the Program Reservations page:

  1. Any time of year, you should be able to see all upcoming events for the year ahead. You can sign up for one or more at any time.
  2. Only active members (or active spouse/partners) can sign up for upcoming events.  
  3. To sign up and pay for ALL events at one time, click on the Check/uncheck all checkbox (see image below). You will also see a note field open for each selected event where you can make a comment or specify a dietary restriction.
  4. If you want to invite a guest, call the host committee representative, Diane Young, [email protected]. We encourage you to invite potential retirees to visit UMRA programs! Diane is your contact for questions or cancellations (before the due date).
  5. Need to check if you made that reservation? You can view a list of all events you have signed up for on this same Reservations page, below the Pay by Credit Card button (see image below).
program reservation example

Renewing Membership

Membership runs from July 1 to June 30. Whenever you join, your membership will expire on June 30 of the following year. For example, if you join on December 31, 2023, your membership expires on June 30, 2024; if you join on on January 1, 2024, your membership expires on June 30, 2025. Starting in May each year, you will receive membership renewal reminders by email and US mail. You can renew using the link in the email, or go directly to the UMRA website at Member Portal --> Renew Membership.

Boring login detail

password example

Spouses/partners are welcome to become members of UMRA and both spouses can log in to one joint account. (Spouses/partners need to be active members to make reservations for events). One or both may have their own login user id and password for the joint account. You may use your U email or a personal email as your user id (the UMN (x500) password is not used on this site).

If you forget your password, there is a Reset Password button on the right side of the dashboard. 

Click on this button and you will be given directions to step you through resetting your password. You will only see this Reset info when you are NOT logged in.)

If you are a not yet a member and want to join, click on the red Join UMRA: link at the top of the page (your first year of membership is free).

join example



For 2023 grant year, the UMRA PDGR Committee reviewed 10 applications for Professional Development Grants for Retirees. The applications covered a diverse set of topics and goals. The PDGR Committee recommended that nine be funded in April 2023. The recipients represented the Morris and Twin Cities Campus. The awardees and grant abstracts are listed on the 2023 PDGR Abstracts page.


In mid-July, a hacker on the “dark web” claimed they had gained access to University records with more than seven million Social Security numbers. Here’s what you can do if you are concerned about the security of your records and online identity. 


Meet UMRA member Paul Ranelli, a man of many talents. His LinkedIn profile identifies him as professor emeritus, Santa Claus, photographer, voice talent, and public address announcer. Funny AND educated! 


With this year’s World Series coming up soon, UMRA member Ron Matross is savoring memories of sharing America’s pastime with his son at the old Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis in the 1980s. Those were glory days for the Minnesota Twins. 


UMRA members have logged nearly 200 hours of volunteer service to the University and broader community through the Silver Gopher Service Corps since its launch six months ago. 


How I learned, this summer, that my great aunt, one of my paternal grandfather’s sister, was included in a fresco at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  As far as I know she is the only relative of mine who is part of a fresco anywhere in the world.


Meet UMRA member Joni Mitchell, no relation to the “other” Joni Mitchell but there is an interesting connection.


Applications for UMRA’s 2024 Professional Development Grants for Retirees competition will be accepted beginning October 1. Funding of up to $5,000 per grant is available. 


Sneak Preview Days have been happening at the University for many years. This year, adding 18 UMRA Silver Gopher Service Corps volunteers put a new twist on the welcome. Who better to provide a friendly greeting and lend a helping hand than those of us who have spent our careers at the University?


One of the great benefits that come with UMRA membership is the discounted rate for parking in University parking facilities. Forgotten whether you’ve already renewed your UMRA membership for 2023–24? It’s easy to check online.


Eric Hockert and Ron Matross represented UMRA at the 2023 Big Ten Retirees Association Conference held at UW–Madison in late July. They enjoyed sharing ideas and practices with the other conference attendees, and came away with several ideas worth pursuing.


The UMRA Board has selected Midland Hills Country Club in Roseville as the location for five of our in-person luncheon forums in the coming year, in part because of the high marks those who attended last year’s forums gave the location for its food, service, and easy and free parking. 


As retirees, we are all learning to adapt to a world that seems to change on a daily basis. So, the editorial committee of the Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays (JOIE) is inviting UMRA members to share their thoughts on resilience via a short essay.