HELLO, my name is Joni Mitchell

Hometown: St. Paul. The first years were near the Cathedral and then [we moved] to Grand Avenue.

When did you become a member of UMRA? When I retired in 2015.

What was your very first job? My dad had a photography business in our home. After school, I worked the business—making proofs, putting wedding albums together, paying bills, and waiting on customers.

What was your occupation when you retired from FT work? I was an accountant in the College of Pharmacy.

Have you ever met or seen the other Joni Mitchell in concert? No, not in person. But that's how my husband proposed. He said, “Just think, you'd be Joni Mitchell!”

If you were an Olympic athlete, what would you like your sport to be? I played tennis for a good part of my life, and now I enjoy watching the Tennis Channel. So, I think I'd like to be a tennis Olympian.

Do you have a favorite place on the U of M campus? I love looking out over Northrop Mall from the balcony at the Campus Club.

What is a fun fact about you we might not know? I met and married my husband in nine weeks’ time. It was a whirlwind, and that was 28 years ago!

What is something you currently enjoy doing with your time? I like to travel, hike, read, play cards, entertain, and spend time with family. In the spring I make a list of all the restaurant patios I want to visit throughout the summer. Sometimes I can’t get to all of them! I’m a member of the UMRA Book Club, too. 



The election of UMRA officers and new board members for 2024–25 will be conducted via an online poll from May 13 to 19, with the results to be announced at our annual meeting on May 21. Look for the ballot in your email inbox on May 13. Diane Young has been nominated to be president-elect.