New MOU expresses mutual support and respect

Since its inception in 1978, the University of Minnesota Retirees Association has enjoyed a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship with the University of Minnesota. This relationship was first formalized in 2017 and has now been renewed with the signing on March 1 of a new memorandum of understanding (MOU).

The new MOU, signed on behalf of the Retirees Association by UMRA President Jan Morlock and on behalf of the University by Provost Rachel Croson, expresses a spirit of mutual support and respect. It also provides several enhancements to our cooperative relationship, including commitments by the University

  • to provide $15,000 annually to support UMRA’s Professional Development Grants for Retirees program;
  • to continue sending to new retirees a letter of invitation to join UMRA, and to send follow-up letters for three years;
  • to agree formally to an annual meeting between the provost and the UMRA president;
  • to provide a university budget number for UMRA, allowing us to use university facilities at the same rate charged to university entities; 
  • to provide $4,000 annually to support the administration of volunteer activities arranged by the University Retirees Volunteer Center, and to continue coverage of these volunteers as volunteers under University policy.

To see a copy of the signed MOU, go to > Governance > Operational Documents.

We look forward to welcoming Provost Croson to UMRA’s 2022 Annual Meeting on May 24 to formally recognize the signing of our new MOU, and to thank both the provost and Deb Cran, her chief of staff, for the time and effort they contributed to this renewal of our commitment and mutual support.

—Jan Morlock, UMRA president, and Bill Donohue, past president