‘Journal of Opinions, Ideas, and Essays’ welcomes new leader, Bud Clawson

The unique online journal, JOIE, sponsored by UMRA, has a new editor-in-chief. The Journal of Opinions, Ideas, and Essays is overseen by an editorial committee appointed by the UMRA Board of Directors.

Last month the UMRA Board named Bud Clawson, professor emeritus of pediatrics, to serve as editor-in-chief of the JOIE project. Bud has published in JOIE and has the breadth of interests and experience essential to the continuing development of the JOIE program.

JOIE is supported by the U as part of the University Libraries’ Digital Platform for Scholarly Publishing, which houses an array of electronic publishing ventures. The journal is open to submissions of varied content and format from retired and still-employed University faculty, P&A, and civil service staff, and is searchable via Google and other engines.

Additional information concerning JOIE— including a roster of the JOIE editorial committee, a more detailed project description, a list of the program’s publications to date, and instructions for making submissions—is available on the JOIE website at:

Members of UMRA are encouraged to visit the JOIE website and consider submitting an article to this new and novel publishing venture.